Friday, December 18, 2009

Make Money On Facebook - New Hot Secret Unleashed

Make Massive Earnings From This Hot New Discovery
"Earn N20,000 and over weekly with this step by step Facebook money guide - Guaranteed"
Is making N20,000 and over weekly realistic? 
"No"? Let me show you how wrong you are in a minute.
Let me paint you a simple picture... Observe your local market closely and you'll notice these basic things;
  1. People are moving in and out of it
  2. People are talking - obviously money and bargaining for a good price
  3. Money is exchanging hands
These 3 things usually happen wherever people meet.

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet today with over 300 million users round the world.See how they rank on Alexa

 The chart shows that facebook has been having more traffic than any other social networking site.With a place with so much activity going on, what do you expect to be going on in it...hello and hi only?

 Definitely not.
Smart business people understand this trend and they take advantage of it.

Here's a shocker...
Do you know that the owner of facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), made $240million from facebook last year?
 - He made money from every visit you made to his website
 - He made money from every character you typed in the name of "chat" or connecting with your friends
 - He made money from every action that you took on his website in the long run.

Why won't you cut your own piece of the cake?
Why won't you make your every online visit worth its while by making good legit earnings?

Now listen to this..."If you can log into your facebook account and connect with only 10 of your friends, you can generate N20, 000 and more - guaranteed".

In this step-by-step easy-to-use guide, I will reveal to you highly guarded secrets which when acted on , will transform your red-blinking bank account into a faulty ATM machine that keeps throwing up hot, smelling, cash.

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I have also written an step-by-step, easy-to-do exclusive report for 500 smart Nigerians who are willing to make their every visit online worthwhile.
Here's what these VIP, 500 smart Nigerians will get when they order for my Facebook Money Ultimate Guide
  • 50 free units on my sms portal website
  • A resource that will show you how to get your website or blog to rank #1 on the search  engines in 24hrs.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Create New, Unique Articles In Minutes With MAC

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Do you use article marketing to generate traffic to your blog or website?
Do you think it is no more effective?
Does the article writing process fag you out?

If this is your situation, I am just about to prove you wrong.

Allow me to unveil to you an amazing creation that was just released recently.

'Things are changing pretty fast and you should move along with the tide of time'.

Just recently, a new software that would generate up to 1000 new unique articles and post them for you automatically to all the article directories on the internet, was released.

Introducing...The Mass Article Control & Submitter software

The Article Marketing Secret Weapon

This amazing software will allow you create an army of high quality traffic funnels for your website in micro-seconds.

If you are a webmaster or probably an affiliate/internet marketer, I guess you would understand what leverage this can give you.

But just incase you don't understand what an article directory is nor how it works, let me briefly explain it to you.

Article directories are websites where articles on any topic are submitted by website owners who in turn leave a link to their website, thereby generating traffic to it.

If you have been on the web for a while, you will understand that traffic, is the life source of every online business.

Apart from viral marketing and traffic generation through social networks like twitter and facebook, article marketing is still the best free traffic generation method.

Now imagine if you have this amazing MAC software, that will help you source a thousand unique articles and also post them for you; won't that be a time-money saver?

Manual article writing is like crawling over broken glass.

Now, let's face facts...

Nobody likes work especially when it is mental in nature. First you'd have to write your articles, which for most people is like climbing Mt. Everest without oxygen. Then you have to submit your articles to a boatload of article directories by hand, which can take days or weeks. By the time you get articles out there to generate traffic for you, it can feel like you've been through a war.

...nothing can be as tiring as this.

I believe my yet-to-be smart article marketers and web adminsitrators will testify to this effect.

For one thing I know, to write a unique article could take you close to one or two hours. Now, this can be boring and tedious at times especially when you have got distractions here and there.

Even if we weren't lazy (which we are), it's smart business to automate any work that you can.

That's what Mass Article Control is — it's an insanely fast way to automate article marekting that lets you create multiple high-quality, unique articles with the push of a button and submit them automatically to the best article directories in mere seconds.

And the results of this "smart automation" speak for themselves

One lovely thing about this product is, with the MAC (Mass Article Control) and MAS (Mass Article Submitter) software, writing articles will become a hobby for you. The MAC & MAS Software generates articles and submits them to every article directory automatically.

Did I hear you say "more traffic, more earnings"?

'You could never be wrong to say that'...

Allow me to reveal to you more things you can accomplish with MAC and MAS;

1. With a software as wonderful as this, you can start your own article writing business and churn out cash like crazy from customers who need fresh, new, unique articles on their site to help them drive traffic.

2. MAC will boost your earnings on affiliate marketing as you generate fresh, new and unique articles.

3. With this amazing software, you can start your PLR business and sell articles to a hungry market of customers.

4. If you happen to be part of one of the blogging competitions going on in some forums, you are sure to win as you can generate new, unique articles like crazy within minutes.

This is just a tip of the iceberg as compared to the real power of MAC and MAS.

I guess you're already asking, 'So Israel, how do I get this MAC & MAS software and how much is it?'

You would agree with me that everything valuable has got a price to be paid for it.

To be blunt, I could put a price of $245 on the two tools together and still feel like it's not enough. The math makes that simple. Let me prove it to you.

If you hire an article writer at $10 per article, and an article submitter at $5 an article (both are VERY common freelance rates out there), you'd pay $1,500 to get 100 articles written and submitted.

If you use Mass Article Creator and Mass Article Submitter to do it all yourself, all you'd have to do is write an article and feed it into your automated article marketing system. You'd have 100 articles produced and submitted in seconds.

And we haven't even mentioned the profits you can make from all of the free traffic you'll get. I can't (and won't) guarantee how much traffic you'll get from your articles, but do you see how the simple math stacks the odds wildly in your favor? It's silly.

These two pieces of software could pay for themselves in literally two weeks, even at N37, 350!
But you won't pay that.

Now because I really, ...really want to put this wonderful software in the hands of 500 smart people, I am going to sell it at a heavily slashed price of N10,000

You might call that an outrageous price but I tell you it is not. Yet, I won't give it to you at that price.

For my love for people and my little way of giving back to humanity, I will give only 500 people (who want to generate traffic smarter), MAC at the price of N3,500.

Now hold on because there is a condition to purchasing MAC at this outrageously cheap price.
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Hold on for a minute...take my advice.

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4. 90,000 PLR Articles which you can rebrand, resell and keep all the profits to yourself (priceless)

5. How to get a free UK Address that you can use to create an account and cash your checks from clickbank and ebay...$52

Many more additional bonuses which you will thank me for later.

NB: These bonuses will not be for long and I can remove them at anytime and just sell out the MAC alone.

Make hay while the sun shines by acting now...not tomorrow, not the next

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I am poised to see you succeed online.

Work smart, not hard.

Friday, July 3, 2009 - Affordable Web Hosting/Domain Registration @ Unbeatable Prices

Have you ever been given a blank check to fill in any amount of money you want? How did you feel?

Web hosting and other relevant web activities has never been better until the introduction of globeresellers.

In web hosting, globeresellers gives you a blank check at a price that is as good as free. Its unique service is one which delivers a 99.9% uptime....can you beat this?

Its unbeatable service includes;
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  • Shopping Cart Services and best of all...
  • A wonderful Reseller Program other hosting service can offer so much more.

You have got to be kidding to have a thinking session about using this service. Join the smart business people and get more value for your money with