Friday, December 18, 2009

Make Money On Facebook - New Hot Secret Unleashed

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Is making N20,000 and over weekly realistic? 
"No"? Let me show you how wrong you are in a minute.
Let me paint you a simple picture... Observe your local market closely and you'll notice these basic things;
  1. People are moving in and out of it
  2. People are talking - obviously money and bargaining for a good price
  3. Money is exchanging hands
These 3 things usually happen wherever people meet.

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet today with over 300 million users round the world.See how they rank on Alexa

 The chart shows that facebook has been having more traffic than any other social networking site.With a place with so much activity going on, what do you expect to be going on in it...hello and hi only?

 Definitely not.
Smart business people understand this trend and they take advantage of it.

Here's a shocker...
Do you know that the owner of facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), made $240million from facebook last year?
 - He made money from every visit you made to his website
 - He made money from every character you typed in the name of "chat" or connecting with your friends
 - He made money from every action that you took on his website in the long run.

Why won't you cut your own piece of the cake?
Why won't you make your every online visit worth its while by making good legit earnings?

Now listen to this..."If you can log into your facebook account and connect with only 10 of your friends, you can generate N20, 000 and more - guaranteed".

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